Keep Your Internet Email Safe

I think it is well past time to strongly encourage everyone to strengthen their passwords. Imagine all the sites you have passwords for that can be reset by verifying your email address. A strong password should meet ALL of the following criteria. It should not a word in the dictionary, Not include dictionary words, Be no less than 8 characters (longer the better), Use both letters and numbers, Use both lowercase and uppercase letters, Use one or more special characters (e.g. %, $, @, etc…)

Brian Haines recommends Windows 7

I knew we would all move to Windows 7 eventually, but I didn't know that I would be this happy about it. Really. Not only has Windows 7 performed well on my 2 year old laptop with only 2GB of RAM, I have enjoyed using it and find that some of the new features are...

Brian Haines recommends Windows XP

I have always been an early adopter of new Microsoft Operating Systems (OS) including Windows Vista. With Windows Millennium (Me) being the obvious exception each OS prior to Vista has been an improvement over the last. I was an early Windows 2000 convert, so I never had to use Windows Me, and Windows 2000 was a major improvement over Windows 98 and Windows Me. Windows XP even better and then Vista, not so much.

Vista’s poor performance is due to the fact that the Operating System simply requires far more resources than most hardware can handle.

Outlook file location

Where on the disk is my Outlook data? Vista:%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook XP:%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

config/system and then lsass.exe error

It happens from time to time that I get a call about a computer that won’t start because of the file windows/system32/config/system is missing or corrupt. Although there are not just a few clicks of the mouse I rattle off the top of my head and BAMB your system is working again, it is usually not a big deal.

I’m home!

I returned this afternoon from a much needed vacation. Interestingly enough we had Internet access via several access points that lacked security. I was happy to have access for the few times it came in handy, so thanks neighbors.