Brian Haines

Brian Haines


Hello, I’m Brian Haines. Welcome to my small slice of the World Wide Web.

I have been serving the personal computer needs of individuals and small businesses in the South Florida area for nearly fifteen years. For your convenience I come to your home or office to perform repairs, setup that new computer, printer or wireless gear. Why be without your computer while it sits in some repair shop in the hands of who knows who? Allow me to troubleshoot and repair your computers, extend the range of your wireless network, or connect that printer so that everyone in your home or office can print and scan.

Did you buy a new computer and you would like help getting your programs and files setup on the new machine? Maybe you are concerned about what happens to the old one. Is it safe to sell on Ebay or Craig’s List? I can make it so.

Remote support options are available  for your convenience. While not all issues can be resolved remotely I can troubleshoot and resolve most computer issues remotely. This is often easier to schedule and can reduce computer downtime. . Call 954-434-1968 today and schedule a remote session.

Consult me the next time you are considering:

  • Web Development
  • Computer Repair
  • Networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • High speed Internet
  • Backup Plan
  • Computer Security
  • Need buying advice? Never a fee.

I come to your office or home. Call today:

Brian Haines

The photograph above is on my wedding day. I live in Southwest Ranches, Florida with my beautiful wife, December, and an array  of cats and horses. Computer questions should not be directed to my wife unless you are looking for expertise in completing tasks in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power Point. December is a certified Arborist and Landscape inspector and manages property for the Town of Southwest Ranches.

Brian Haines

Brian Haines is a former IT professional. If you are looking for assistance with your computer needs please reach out to Solutions Squad.

Call Solutions Squad: 305-677-2389