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Blackberry devices have never been my favorite, but a recent experience gives me reason to put them on my not recommend list. For Internet Email they are mostly straight forward, but users have to frequently delete their messages (text and emails) or the devices will encounter problems.

For the corporate client looking to use enterprise server to keep the device synced with the same email, calendar and address book as their desktop? nope. These devices are so complex, and the way they work relies on so many intricate pieces with so many points of failure they prove beyond the ability of even RIM experts to properly troubleshoot.

I can connect an iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm or Android device to such a server within minutes. It took 3 different visits, calls to three different company tech help desks, including RIM’s own technicians at three levels and a total of 12 hours to realize the device had a defect.

The verdict is that these devices are more trouble than they are worth.