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Yes, antivirus software is malware. Think about what some of the biggest companies in the protection software industry are doing to get your business.

  1. Pay other companies to install some free program
  2. Use a free program to send ominous messages to the user warning of danger
  3. Offer promotions on the software that can fix said danger

I’m sorry, didn’t I install antivirus software to prevent this exploitative practice?

I know that Windows Defender is not performing an equal level of protection as some other standard antivirus protection, but I do hope it improves and makes computer security software obsolete.

The computer security software industry has abused computer users long enough. Even those that buy the product have endured advertising campaigns to upgrade protection or extend it to other devices or renew now to save 20%.

Just stop buying this garbage and let Defender protect your computer. Honestly, Windows Defender is good enough to protect from nearly all the threats that are actually in the wild and at least users can know they didn’t pay for a product to just advertise to them just as annoyingly as most malware does.