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Malware, Viruses, and Ransomware Explained

There has been an alarming increase in the number of computers infected with ransomware in recent weeks and your anti-virus probably cannot protect you. Nearly all computers pick up malware as they surf the internet, install and update programs on their computers, or connect shared devices and services to the computer. There is not a single program that can keep this malware from infecting a computer 100 percent.

The reason for this is that most malware infections are not technically viruses. A virus is a type of malware that can spread to infect other files and computers. A fact which marks it with specific code signatures that anti-virus software is very effective at detecting and eliminating. The rest of the software that is harmful to a computer just looks like regular software to an anti-virus program.

The very fact that people often choose to encrypt their data with software to keep it safe makes ransomware nearly undetectable for now. The only difference between ransomware and a program like Bitlocker that can protect your data is the key that is used to encrypt data and required to decrypt the data as needed. This means it will take some time for the computer industry to catch up to being able to thwart the risk of ransomware.

Backup, Backup, BACKUP!

Yes, I am SHOUTING! If you think you can’t afford the time, energy, and effort for a good backup solution you probably don’t want to pay the $500 ransom to decrypt your data either when you get infected. The only real defense against ransomware is a well thought out and implemented backup solution. The most effective of these solutions are cloud-based or off-site solutions. Here are three you can start with RIGHT NOW!

Hire a professional!

If your computers and data are important, and you have any doubts about your anti-virus and data backup solutions, please call and make an appointment to have an IT professional view and adjust the strategy as needed. As it turns out you can just call me and schedule that visit right now.

Call 954-434-1968 and I will come to your home or business, look at your computer and network setup and assess your backup needs. In most cases the cost is far less than the ransom and your money will be earned by someone who is helping instead of hurting you. If you already have an IT Professional that looks after your computers and network, CALL THEM RIGHT NOW and schedule the assessment of your backup solution. Don’t get hit and be forced to pay the ransom. Let’s stop giving these crooks money starting now.